Saint-Henri's Beloved Taco Joint Grumman '78 Is Closing Its Garage Doors

They made the announcement in a heartbreaking Facebook post.
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Saint-Henri's Beloved Taco Joint Grumman '78 Is Closing Its Garage Doors

One of the city's most famous taco joints, Grumman '78 — a Saint-Henri taco truck turned taco garageannounced on October 16 it would be "permanently hanging up its tires." 

In a Facebook post, the restaurant's owners said that both the garage and the truck, a 1978 GMC Grumman, had "ceased operations effective immediately."

The statement explained that the challenges of 2020 had "crippled" the business.

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We are going to take a well-deserved break and see where the wind takes us — possibly on another adventure?

Gaelle, Hilary & Seb, owners of Grumman '78

Like all restaurants, Grumman '78 has been subject to COVID-19 restrictions and closures. 

On September 29, a Facebook post states that the restaurant would not be offering online order service for the second-wave lockdown to give staff "a well deserved rest." 

Grumman '78 was in business in the city for 10 years. It was known for its unique fusion creations, such as fried chicken tacos, banh-mi tacos and steamer clam tacos.

"Grumman, in all her glory, thrived thanks to your generosity and enthusiasm, your love and loyalty. We will miss you all," reads the statement. 

If you're looking for a way to say ciao before Grumman's gone for good, the owners are hosting a garage sale this weekend.

Stop by 630, rue de Courcelle on October 17 or 18 starting at 10 a.m. and you might just leave with a more permanent souvenir of all the delicious memories.

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