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McGill's Statue Of Slave Owner James McGill Was Removed For Repairs After Recent Vandalism

The university may relocate the statue.
Contributing Writer
Slave Owner James McGill Statue Was Removed For Repairs After Vandalism

Many statues in Montreal have faced criticism and controversy regarding the dark pasts they reflect, the James McGill statue being one of these, as McGill is known for having been a slave owner.

The statue was recently vandalized and such has led the university to remove the statue for an undetermined period of time.

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A McGill spokesperson told MTL Blog, "Given that the recent incident exacerbated existing damage to the sculpture, it has been removed for repair and restoration. Whether, following this work, the sculpture will return to its current site is not yet determined."

We were further told that "as part of its Action Plan to Address Anti-Black Racism, the University is committed to exploring its historic record." This action plan pledged an investment of $15 million over five years to address racism and develop better representation in both the faculty and student community. 

An investigation regarding the statue's vandalism is currently ongoing, the results of which will decide whether the statue will be returned to its current site or be relocated elsewhere.

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