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SNL Did A Skit About Montreal Last Night & It Was Brutal

Complete with bagels, traffic jams and some French Canadian swears.
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SNL Did A Skit About Montreal & It Was Brutal

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then consider us totally blushing after last night's episode of Saturday Night Live, which featured a hilarious Montreal parody.

The famous sketch comedy show had its fun with Franglais culture with its mock morning news show, Bonjour, Hi! live from Montreal, a city that hosts said represented "the best parts of Canada and the worst parts of France."

The skit is available to watch on the Global TV website.

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The fake news show was hosted by Jean-Lawrence (also known as John-Larry) and Anne-Marie.

They also had their American correspondent, who was quarantined in Canada due to COVID-Dix-Neuf, Jean-Fred (pronunciation subject to opinion) and Awa Sene, the show's reporter on the ground in Toronto on "Drake Watch."

SPOILER ALERT: He wasn't there.

The sketch included some classic when-in-Montreal things, like bagels, a traffic report, lovers from Cirque du Soleil and French Canadian swears.

As for the French, when discussing politics, Jean-Lawrence and Anne-Marie mumbled in French to one another, seemingly getting quite into it.

When asked what he thought after the discussion, Jean-Fred replied, "Yes? Or no? I'm sorry I don't speak whatever French this is."

And like any Québécois spectacle, it couldn't end without a rendition of a song by Queen Céline, herself. The French-Canadian journalists broke out into a cover of her classic hit, "That's The Way It Is."

We're just flattered to know SNL is paying attention to our little metropolis.

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