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Quebec Is Now Asking Everyone To Limit All Social Contacts

"This is far from being over."
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Social Contacts In Quebec Should Be Minimized, Health Minister Dubé Said

The Quebec government is officially over people having house parties and unsafe social contacts. On Thursday, Health Minister Christian Dubé asked everyone to minimize all social contacts in Quebec and private gatherings in these next few weeks to "break the wave."

"No matter which region you are in right now, no matter the [COVID alert] colour code, I'm asking you to make an effort to minimize your social contacts," said Dubé

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I'm asking you to make an effort to minimize your social contacts.

Christian Dubé, Health Minister

The Health Minister's announcement comes after yet another significant increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases in Quebec. 

With a second wave of the pandemic in full swing, the government has reiterated how "different" this wave could be from the first one. 

"If we don't make efforts, [the second wave] has the potential to be even larger than the first one," said Dr. Arruda at a press conference on Tuesday. 

On Thursday, the province reported 582 new COVID-19 cases.

"You can make a difference by limiting your social contacts in the next few weeks," Dubé concluded.

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