Spot A Pothole In Montreal? Here's How To Report It

Who else is ready for them ALL to be gone?
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Spot A Pothole In Montreal? Here's How To Report It

Listen... we all know the terrifying roads in our province and all the bumps that come with taking a drive down any street. That's why figuring out what to do when you see a pothole in Montreal is rather important.

The good news is that reporting one of these bad boys is a simple process.

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If you spot a pothole somewhere in the city, you have three options to report it: online, over the phone by calling 3-1-1, or by going to a point of service nearby.

Yes, it's that easy — and it helps reduce the chances of a potentially dangerous situation for others.

As for how pothole reduction is going in the city, mayor Plante said, "The number of potholes has decreased every year since 2017, and we are working hard to maintain the trend in 2021."

Alanna Moore
Contributing Writer
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