Quebec Will Allow More People At Outdoor Festivals... But Not Inside The Bell Centre

The government shot down the request to allow more fans in the stadium.
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The Montreal Bell Centre Isn't Allowed To Have More People

In a press release Thursday morning, the Ministry of Health announced that it would increase the capacity limit for outdoor festivals in Quebec, but that it's not going to allow more people inside the Montreal Bell Centre to watch the Canadiens play the Stanley Cup Final.

The decision comes after the team publicly announced that it had requested permission to allow as many as 10,000 people in the arena.

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"As of Friday, July 2, the 3,500-person limit for outdoor festivals and events will be raised to 5,000 people," the ministry said.

People from different households will still have to be seated at least 1.5 metres away from each other in outdoor theatres and stadiums.

However, "no special authorization will be granted to the Bell Centre in order to accommodate more people during the next Canadiens games," the ministry continued, adding that "this decision was made in order to limit the risk of spreading the disease."

The 3,500-person capacity limit (250 people per section) will therefore stay in place.

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