The Quebec Gov't Wants To Create A Specialized Court For Sexual & Domestic Violence Cases

"We no longer want the legal process to be seen as an obstacle for victims."

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The Quebec Gov't Wants To Create A Specialized Court For Sexual & Domestic Violence Cases

At a press conference on Wednesday, Minister of Justice Simon Jolin-Barrette and Minister Responsible for the Status of Women Isabelle Charest presented Bill 92, an act to move for "the creation of a specialized court in matters of sexual violence and domestic violence and relating to the training of judges in these matters."

"We no longer want people who are victims of sexual or domestic violence to hesitate to report and file a complaint in Quebec," Jolin-Barette said.

Jolin-Barrette insisted that "culture change is needed in the justice system and must happen."

The purpose of this special court on sexual and domestic violence, is, according to the minister, "to restore victims' confidence in the justice system, reduce delays and better meet the needs of victims with adapted and coordinated services."

The mandate comes out of 190 recommendations made in a report by a special government working group on sexual and domestic violence in Quebec, which was tabled last year.

"You can continue to count on the determination of the entire government [...] to make the necessary changes to better support the victims because I wish them to feel accompanied and respected in their process, to be prepared, and equipped during their testimony in court," said Charest.

If you require resources or assistance surrounding sexual assault in Quebec, the CAVAC helpline is available 24/7. Those who may need support can call 1-866-532-2822. Other crisis lines and 24/7 options can be found at The Lifeline Canada. If you need immediate assistance, please call 911 or go to your nearest hospital. Support is available.

Teddy Elliot
Staff Writer
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