These 8 Artists Will Be Joining Mural Estival's Split Sessions Concert This Summer

You can stream everything on Instagram.
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These 8 Artists Will Be Joining Mural Estival's Split Sessions Concert This Summer

This August, celebrate the art of staying home while supporting local artists and musicians by tuning in to the MURAL Estival Split Sessions Concert, presented by Belgian Moon. Arts and culture have always been a part of Belgian Moon’s DNA. Being artfully crafted is at the heart of how the beer is brewed, so participating and co-creating arts and culture programming as an official sponsor for MURAL Estival was a natural fit.

The pandemic has shifted Montreal's popular street art festival to include a weekly livestream on Instagram. The MURAL Estival Split Sessions Concert is a free and physically distant way to experience the creation of artwork and music. With so many Montreal artists and musicians, there's sure to be a style and genre for everyone to enjoy. Pop art meets lush beats, abstract expressionism juxtaposes with rap, and so much more. This online fest is a genre-bending and aesthetically pleasing month-long series not to be missed.

Starting on August 6 and running for the next three weeks, one artist and one musician will come together every Thursday at 6 p.m. on MURAL’s Instagram to perform their respective crafts and entertain. Here are 8 artists you can discover during the MURAL Split Sessions Concert, presented by Belgian Moon.

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August 6: Claudia Bouvette & Antoine Tava

claudiabouvette | Instagramantoivetana | Instagram

You might recognize Claudia from Jérémie on VRAK, but did you know she doesn't just dazzle on screen? She also sweeps us off our feet with energetic pop. The Bromont-born star got her singing start in Mixmania2, transitioning to a multi-talented artist on-screen before releasing the album Cool It EP in 2019. Bright pop and catchy beats make for great summer anthems. Catch her sweet, soaring vocals on August 6 as part of the MURAL Estival Split Sessions Concert live on Instagram.

What do you get when you mix pop art, political banter and high fashion? Tune in to the show by Concordia graduate Antoine Tava (aka TAVA) to find out. This Montreal-based illustrator and painter brings you the bright, evocative art of your inner-nihilist dreams. Internationally renowned, TAVA has collaborated with companies including Adidas, Nike, Vans, Toms, and Ford. Catch this pop art wonder on the August 6 Split Sessions Concert live on Instagram.

August 13: Marie-Gold & Francorama 

Marie-Gold by Lian Benoitfrancorama | Instagram

Rap meets dystopia with fresh Montreal rapper Marie-Gold (Chloé Pilon Vaillancourt). This regular on the Quebec rap-battle scene got her start with the all-female Bad Nylon group. Doing what she wants, when she wants, Marie-Gold is carving out her place on the rap scene. At the 2018 GAMIQ, she won Rap/Hip-Hop EP of the Year with her song "Goal: Une mélodie." She then released her first album, Règle d'or, in March 2020. You can catch sick riffs and eclectic beats live as part of her Split Sessions Concert livestream on August 13.

Montrealer Franco E. (aka Francorama) has been touted as having a hyper-happy style, rooted in abstract expressionism, cubism, and a Japanese Ma aesthetic. Translation: Francorama's renderings of bodies moving freely and uninhibited will make you feel things... joy, introspection, love, and curiosity, to name a few. Vivid colours mixed with unquestionable emotion create an impact that makes this minimalist artist a delight to consume. Be sure to check out his work on August 13 as part of the MURAL Estival Split Sessions Concert live on Instagram.

August 20: Clay and Friends & Miss Cloudy

Clay and Friends + Kirouac & Kodakludo by Xavier MCmisscloudyart | Instagram

Hip-hop, soul, and funk come together in the beautiful band of lyrical artists, Clay and Friends. Come for the beats, stay for the prose. This Montreal group serves up sweet nostalgia with modern feel-good vibes. They're so unique that they actually had to name their own genre: La Musica Popular De Verdun. Don't believe us? Tune in to their Instagram livestream on August 20 and find out for yourself.

The self-touted "folding warrior," Pauline Loctin (aka Miss Cloudy), literally brings art into the fold with her stunning origami creations. You may have seen her collaboration with Melika Dez for Fashion Art Toronto, a blend of dance, photography, and paper. Revel in the magic of transforming a one-dimensional something into 3D art during the August 20 lineup of the Split Sessions Concert on Instagram.

August 27: Hologramme & Josiane Lanthier

_hologramme | Instagramjosiane_lanthier | Instagram

Montreal producer and performer Clément Leduc blends influences of South American and African music with electronic sounds, creating a dreamlike auditory escape under the banner of Hologramme. We're talking otherworldly, ethereal bops that are perfect for the workday or chilling after-hours. After a two-month residency in Berlin, Hologramme released his 2019 album, Felicity. Catch his performance on August 27 as part of the MURAL Estival Split Sessions Concert live on Instagram.

Colour theory, juxtaposition, and texture come together in a perfect marriage of cool and warm tones in Josiane Lanthier's work. The Montreal-based visual artist captures light and landscape in a way that begs to be admired and devoured. Pulling from abstractionism and nature, the result is bright, captivating masterpieces. Get a peek into the process on August 27 during her Split Sessions Concert live on Instagram.

Montreal's incredible art and music scene is here and asking for your attention. Let's be honest, they've earned it. Support local and get inspired from the comfort of home; turns out all you need is an Instagram account and a free digital festival!

COVID can't keep the MURAL Estival down. Not only are the Split Sessions going on, but artists will be painting murals throughout Saint Laurent Boulevard and its surrounding streets. You'll be able to check them out in a socially distant fashion once they're complete.

Belgian Moon is partnering with Marc-Olivier Lamothe to complete one of the larger-than-life murals, which will be ready for viewing on August 23 at 3527 Saint Laurent Blvd. What's better than a smooth wheat ale combined with local art? Tastes like summer to us! Looking for a breakdown of the sessions in one place? We've got you covered:

  • August 6: Claudia Bouvette + Antoine Tava
  • August 13: Marie-Gold + Francorama
  • August 20: Clay & Friends + Miss Cloudy
  • August 27: Hologramme + Josiane Lanthier

Tune in to MURAL’s Instagram account every Thursday at 6 p.m. starting on August 6. Take part in the Split Sessions and enjoy some artfully crafted music and art.

To learn more about MURAL Estival, visit their website or follow them Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.