You Can Turn A Pic Of Your Favourite Person Into A Painting For A Holiday Gift In Montreal

Let your most loved photo become a work of art! 🎨
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You Can Turn A Pic Of Your Favourite Person Into A Painting For A Holiday Gift In Montreal

Life is like a work of art: so many brush strokes and colours creating one beautiful masterpiece. And the Montreal artists behind Bespoke want to help you turn your most beautiful moments into your most treasured art pieces.

Bespoke Art Montréal believes that just because we don't all have the gift of painting, doesn't mean we shouldn't all be gifted with a beautiful painting.

All you have to do is send them a photo that you want to be painted and they take care of the rest.

And art may be subjective, I think we can all agree that these paintings are pretty unbelievable.

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It's more than just a picture.

The old saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

But at Bespoke, Evan and Zane believe that a photograph should be so much more than that.

A "philosophy" they say on their website, quoting Amit Kalantri.

"What we offer to users is the ability to transform their favourite or most cherished photos into hand-painted canvases in a really large range of possible sizes," Evan told MTL Blog/

They can even make edits, leave out anything you don't want to be included or change the background.

Because it's not just a moment in time, but a moment you hold dear to your heart.

The paintings are super affordable.

"The way we see it - a lot of people would love to decorate their homes exactly as they want. But like 99% of us, they're on a budget - in terms of both time and money," Evan said.

"When we started Bespoke, we wanted to offer people the chance to instantly turn their own design visions into reality at a reasonable price that anyone can afford."

Paintings average at about $150, which is incredibly reasonable for a handcrafted portrait. 

"A fraction of what you pay at a big-box store," as it says on the Instagram page.

Of course, the team could also accommodate a range of requests that will impact the price.

It makes for such a unique gift.

Just like a photo, each Bespoke picture is such a fantastic way to capture a thing, a place or a loved one and share it with others.

And what better way to show someone that they add to the masterpiece of your life than by giving them their own custom masterpiece?

Especially with each piece done so spectacularly and given such attention to detail.

"When your piece arrives, the only reaction we want is 'WOW!," Evan told us.

Orders take about four to six weeks to ship, so it's not too late to get yours in before the holidays.

Gabi Sandler
Contributing Writer
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