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You Know You're A True MTL Anglophone If You've Seen At Least 1 Of These Quebec Movies

Discover Quebec's thriving film scene.
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You Know You're A True MTL Anglophone If You've Seen At Least 1 Of These Quebec Movies

Do you know much about Quebec’s thriving domestic film industry?

If you’re a Montreal anglophone, the answer might be no. But that’s OK because there’s so much to catch up on and learn. 

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If you’re not fluent, French films might seem inaccessible and take work to understand, but Quebec cinema is full of incredibly quirky, unique and action-packed storytelling that’s not to be missed — and subtitles are helpful in a jam.

Being your go-to place for all things entertaining, here is MTL Blog's list of just a few of the classic Quebec films you should probably go watch. 

La Guerre des Tuques (1984)


Why You Need To Watch It: I’ve cried twice in my life during a cinematic event. Once the lady is eaten in Jaws. And then when I saw La Guerre des tuques (1984). This cult classic taught a generation of school kids that war is no good.

Bon Cop, Bad Cop (2006)


Why You Need To Watch It: This bilingual buddy-cop film explores the relationship between Quebec and Ontario and concludes that while we have our differences, we both like hockey and dislike Gary Bettman. You can watch it on Netflix.

Polytechnique (2009) 


Why You Need To Watch It:Polytechnique (2009) tells the story of the massacre that took place at École Polytechnique in December 1989, when 14 women were murdered. Shot in black and white, it is a harsh, moving and powerful film.

Elvis Gratton


Why You Need To Watch It: Boorish man Elvis Gratton dreams of becoming a famous Elvis impersonator in this series of comedy classics full of R-rated laughs that modern viewers might find shocking — but it didn’t seem quite so offensive at the time.

Also, behind the laughs, there’s a political message.

Incendies (2010)

Why You Need To Watch It: After the death of their mother, Montreal twins take a disturbing journey into the past in this Oscar-nominated film.

La Florida (1993)


Why You Need To Watch It: This more obscure Québécois movie from the 1990s is, as far as they go, a gem.

Fed up with Montreal winters, a Quebec family buys a motel in Florida to enjoy the sunshine and the good life until it all goes awry.

Le Déclin de l'empire Américain (1986)

Cineplex-Odeon Films

Why You Need To Watch It: Denys Arcand is arguably Quebec's most important filmmaker, so if you've never heard of him shame on you.

A good place to redeem yourself is by watching Le déclin de l'empire américain (1986), a classic comedy about four history professors who spend a weekend outside the city.

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