This Adorable Mini Coffee Maker Is The Perfect Gift For The Coffee Lover In Your Life

For a lot of Montrealers, a good cup of java is an essential part of their morning routine. When it comes to brewing up great coffee, Keurig® has a huge selection.

Keurig® has launched new releases to meet everyone's needs and suit their tastes. If you're looking to treat yourself or the coffee lover in your life, their coffee makers are great holiday gifts.

Priced at $79.99, the Keurig® K-Mini® Single Serve Coffee Maker is both affordable and adorable! Whether you're living space is small or you don't have to share your coffee with anyone in the morning, this smaller version is an ideal choice. 

Another option is the Keurig® K-Mini Plus® Single Serve Coffee Maker, priced at $89.99, which even lets you decide how strong you want each cup to be. 

The black Keurig® K-Mini® and K-Mini Plus® are the first models of Keurig® coffee makers to be made in part with recycled plastic — and that's just the start! To learn more about the company's circular-economy approach, check out this web page

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If you're into tech and ready to spend a bit more, the Keurig® K-Supreme Plus Single Serve coffee maker at $229.99 will definitely surprise you. 

Thanks to its MultiStream Technology, it promises an exceptionally smooth brew every time. This innovative technique saturates coffee grounds more evenly and extracts full flavour and aroma.

You can choose from three different temperature and strength settings, plus iced-coffee fanatics can create tasty beverages. 

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For those who want it all, the K-Duo® Essentials Single Serve and Carafe Coffee Maker is the total package. Designed for big families, people who enjoy having guests over, and students and teachers, this versatile model offers the best of both worlds.

You can brew one cup at a time while using ground coffee to prepare a 12-cup glass carafe for everyone. It includes a heating plate and a convenient Pause & Pour feature to enjoy a fresh, hot cup whenever you want.

This awesome holiday gift option is available for $149.99.

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If you've been wanting to elevate your own coffee experience or that of someone you love, these versatile and high-quality products could check off a few names on your shopping list this season.

You can check out and purchase any of the Keurig® coffee makers online from the comfort of your own home — no trips to the mall required!

For more information about Keurig®, visit their website and follow them on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.