This Former McGill Student Exec Uses OnlyFans To Pay Her Bills & Wants To Demystify Sex Work

What the McGill student wants you to know.

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Karla Heisele Cubilla.

Karla Heisele Cubilla.

It’s not uncommon for students to pick up side hustles as they work their way through university. But it’s also not every day that you meet a student society vice-president who moonlights as an open and proud sex worker — unless that is, you’ve met 23-year-old McGill University student Karla Heisele Cubilla.

Cubilla is a fourth-year bachelor of psychology student who served as the Students' Society of McGill University’s (SSMU) 2021-2022 VP student life and still works for SSMU as a governance coordinator.

Outside of school, she goes by Karlita The K and she’s known for posting everything from sexy photos to hardcore porn on platforms including OnlyFans, CENTERFOLD by Playboy, and Pornhub while also offering private webcam services and in-person girlfriend experiences.

We asked Cubilla how she balances student life at one of Canada’s most prestigious universities with her career as a sex worker — including what it’s like to face judgment from her peers and, yes, how much she earns on OnlyFans.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

How did you get into sex work?

“I always wanted to do sex work,” Cubilla told MTL Blog. “I just didn’t know how.”

Growing up in Paraguay, she was drawn to escorts who identified themselves as models on TV and in magazines and was enamoured with Pamela Anderson and Playboy Bunnies.

“I always consumed that type of media. My mom probably should have supervised me more,” said Cubilla, laughing. “But I love that stuff. Machismo is still really big in Paraguay but my mom was always like, ‘I’m gonna wear whatever I want. I’m gonna do whatever I want.’ So I grew up in a very matriarchal home… I think that inspired me to be very liberated as a woman.”

At 18, while on a break from her partner at the time — a québécois man she’d fallen for in Mexico and followed back to Montreal — Cubilla dipped a toe in the waters of sex work via Seeking Arrangement, which she described as “a website where you essentially find sugar daddies.” She began seeing a man who would pay for things in return for her company.

Then, about a year ago, a guy who’d seen Cubilla on Bumble found her on Instagram and started e-transferring her in exchange for sexy video chats.

“I was like, ‘Oh, I can actually make money off just my body and who I am… I could totally get into this,’” Cubilla said. “I also realized people are really lonely. And I can fill that gap in their lives.”

After being elected SSMU VP and gaining visibility within the student body, Cubilla said it was the “perfect time" to start an OnlyFans to show people “you can be a VP but you can also be a ho. And that’s completely fine.”

Did you have reservations?

“I was always scared. I was like, ‘what about my future job?’” she explained. “After a bit, I realized it was just societal pressue. And let’s say I want to work with a company, I’d rather them support women's rights [or not work there].”

She pointed out that sex work is “real work” incorporating elements of business, marketing, and psychology while playing an “important and meaningful” role in society.

Cubilla said she cleared her OnlyFans plan with her colleagues at SSMU, who told her that as long as there was no overlap between her two jobs and she got her work done she was good to go. And Karlita the K was born.

What does a day in your life look like?

Cubilla said she wakes up around 9 a.m., checks her OnlyFans and CENTERFOLD accounts, answers messages, and, once a week, schedules posts, which range from “classy nudes” to “20-minute videos of intense porn.” Then, she joins meetings for SSMU.

After a full day of work at SSMU and classes, she does her schoolwork. By evening, she’s back on OnlyFans, CENTERFOLD and social media before heading to bed.

Weekends usually consist of shoots. In fact, the weekend before her MTL Blog interview, Cubilla was shooting gangbang scenes.

“It’s been a lot of physical labour,” she said. “I feel like I have no time for myself because it’s go-go-go.”

To help with the workload, Cubilla recently hired a team of employees, including an agent, an assistant who answers DMs and a PR manager.

How much money do you make doing sex work?

Cubilla said she makes over $4,000 a month on OnlyFans alone.

“My tuition is fully paid for. My rent is paid for. I pay for everything with sex work and my job at SSMU,” she said.

How have your family and the McGill community reacted to your sex work career?

Once Cubilla launched her OnlyFans, she said McGillians slowly started whispering about the fact that “oh my god! This VP has her tits online.”

“It’s not very typical in the circle of McGill to do this type of thing,” she said. “I don’t know any sex workers in the McGill community.“

Cubilla said it can be challenging to feel “observed” by students who know she does sex work when she’s strolling along rue McTavish. She also said there are rumours she slept with another VP and that people comment on the way she dresses, seeing her as less professional because she’s a sex worker.

On the flip side, Cubilla said she gets a lot of comments from people complimenting her “confidence” — though she isn’t keen on this particular piece of praise if it’s simply because she’s curvy. She also gets questions from people curious about sex and sex work, including those who want to try it themselves but are too afraid.

Regardless of what happens on campus, at the end of the day, Cubilla said she knows her mom has her back. While Cubilla’s mom initially expressed concern for her safety as a sex worker, she’s come around as a huge supporter — even asking to see her shoots because she “loves the pictures.”

“I’m like, ‘Mom, I don’t really think you want to see me sucking a dick,’” Cubilla said.

Any regrets?

Cubilla said “the judgment is definitely worth it” and she has “no regrets” about pursuing a career in sex work while being a student.

“I feel like it's part of advocating for women. It's part of advocating for myself. I'm an immigrant from Paraguay. I come from nothing and being here and being able to build my brand and build connections and going against the grain has allowed me to be more confident and talk about sex because people don't talk about it enough,” she said.

“You have no idea how much [doing sex work] has helped me to love my own body, love myself and understand other women.”

What are your plans for the future?

A week before her MTL Blog interview, Cubilla did her first non-amateur porn shoot with AD4X. She said she hopes to get more involved in the professional porn industry.

Cubilla also intends to offer courses on topics like “How to make money on OnlyFans,” which are set to be released in early 2023.

But before you quit your job at Foot Locker to sell feet pics, Cubilla has two pieces of advice:

For starters, “think about it really well before getting into it because it is a business. It is not as easy as it sounds — it’s not just taking pictures and then posting them.”

Second of all, “the naked body is not a big deal. Women can do whatever and we shouldn’t be judged for it.”

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