This Map Shows All The Museums In Quebec With Free Admission Days

There are almost 100 to explore!
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This Map Shows All The Museums In Quebec With Free Admission Days

If you enjoy both culture and free stuff, you probably look forward to the first Sunday of every month when you can get free access to museums across Quebec. And you were probably equally disappointed when COVID-19 put free-entry days on pause.  

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Thankfully, the province allowed cultural institutions to reopen in May and free-entry days have been back in action at local museums since June. 

The next one is coming up Sunday, September 6.

Montreal alone has 12 participating museums, including: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Canadian Centre for Architecture, and Montreal Holocaust Museum

But don't forget the entire province is at your disposal, and there are many more participating museums within driving distance. 

That's a ton of exhibits and collections to catch up on — which is why this interactive map is about to be your new best friend. 

It pinpoints every participating museum in Quebec — all 97 of them.

Since it was created via Google Maps, it has all the usual useful tools that allow you to get directions, plan your route, and calculate distances. 

With the help of this map, you might even be able to hit up multiple museums in one day! 

The map is a good way to find different museums that are outside the city but within driving distance. 

For example, Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum, is located in Ville de Saint-Constant — only a 30-minute drive — and has great reviews. 

Another interesting aspect of this map is that it highlights places you might not have otherwise thought of as conventional museums.

For instance Moulin seigneurial de Pointe-du-Lac in Trois-Rivières or Centre d'interprétation du site archéologique Droulers - Tsiionhiakwatha, a life-size replica of an iroquoian village, and the Zoo Ecomuseum, our city's own outdoor zoo. 

And yet all of these historical and cultural sites are free on the first Sunday of each month.

Basically, this map can serve as your new vision board full of fun, free and physically distant activities to do.

As the province's culture and communications website notes, "the reopening date depends on the competent authorities of each institution."

And some museums require reservations in advance.

So it's best to confirm details with the specific place you plan on visiting.

But if one of the spots happens to be closed, you now have a map full of other exciting options to explore.

Ilana Belfer
Contributing Writer