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You Can Order A Sweet Cookie Pizza From This Montreal Company

The sweetest pizza you've ever tried!
You Can Order A Sweet Cookie Pizza From This Montreal Company

When it comes to having a sweet tooth, Montreal is a great city to be living in. With so many killer desserts to indulge in around Montreal, it almost seems as though everyone is trying to outdo the next when it comes to baked goods. From edible brownie batter to macaroons, there's no denying that the creativity Montreal companies know what they're doing when it comes to sweetness.

Blonde Biscuiterie, a local company has decided to combine two of our greatest loves, pizza and cookies, to make the ultimate sugary snack.

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This beautiful, sweet and unique treat is appealing to both the eyes and the tastebuds.

The cookie flavours available for the pizza are the same as the ones on its cookie menu.

This allows you to customize your pizza one slice at a time, which may be the sweetest part of it all. 

Some of the toppings available are salted caramel, cotton candy, funfetti, Smore's, Kinder, cookies and cream, strawberry, and Ferrero Rocher.

The prices vary depending on the size of the pizza you pick. You can either go for an 8-inch pizza that will cost you $20 or the 10-inch for $30. 

No matter the size, there will be enough sweetness to put you in a sugar coma for a little while. And, you'll have enough options for you to try a little bit of everything.

If for some reason a pizza cookie isn't your thing, this company also makes an array of classically shaped cookies for you to munch on at your next get together.

Or you can dive into a whole box on your own - no judgment here!

For those of you who want to dive into this epic dessert, all you need to do is send the company a DM on Instagram and tell them what flavours you want.

Then, you just have to wait for this decadent treat to be ready for you to pick up and enjoy.

It's truly the sweetest pizza you'll ever bite into! 

Pizza Cookie From Blonde Biscuiterie

Price: Starting at $20

Where: Laval, QC — order online

Why You Need To Go: To taste this epic dessert!


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