This Montreal Pizza Joint Sells HUGE Slices For $5 That Make You Feel Like You're In NYC

We all deserve a massive New-York style piece of pizza in our lives.
This Montreal Pizza Joint Sells HUGE Slices For $5 That Make You Feel Like You're In NYC

There are so many amazing pizza places throughout Montreal that it sometimes gets hard to pick where to grab a slice from. From oven brick pizzas to pizza squares and even Domino's, our city is stacked in amazing slices that'll make your mouth water.

I know I'm not the only one who believes that pizza should be classified as an essential food group, especially when the New York slices are as big as they are at Slice + Soda.

And, since strolling the streets of Manhattan is off the table for many of us right now, grabbing a piece of pizza from this local spot may just do the trick the next time you're craving a little trip to NYC.

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The giant slices are a dream. Firstly, because they're $5. And secondly, because there's a slew of toppings to pick from, including four cheese, prosciutto, and of course, the classic pepperoni.

You can also nosh on salads and gnocchi or the Nutella roll, which is the sweetest of treats.

Not only is the food on point but you can sip on some outstanding drinks — hence the "+ Soda" part of the name.

This local pizza joint has three locations in Montreal and this month a fourth will be open on boulevard Saint-Laurent!

If you're too lazy to go to the actual restaurant to pick it up, you can order the goodness right to your front door thanks to UberEats, DoorDash and Skip The Dishes.

Slice + Soda

Locations: 201, rue Saint-Paul O., Montreal, Quebec, 56, rue Saint-Viateur O., Montreal, Quebec & 1645, rue Sainte-Catherine O., Montreal, Quebec

Why You Need To Go: For a little taste of New York right here in Montreal.

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