This New Montreal Pizza Spot Feels Like Hanging Out With 'The Gang' In A '90s Teen Sitcom

Like meeting up with the Saved by the Bell crew at The Max.

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This New Montreal Pizza Spot Feels Like Hanging Out With 'The Gang' In A '90s Teen Sitcom

Are you a fan of delicious pizza? Are you nostalgic for the '90s? Montreal's new pizza joint, Hang Time Pizza, has you covered on both fronts.

Located downtown near Concordia and McGill, Hang Time is the perfect place to hang with friends, reminisce about the old days and enjoy some good old-fashioned 'za. Meanwhile, the decor will transport you straight into your favourite '90s TV show so you feel like you're meeting up with the gang from Saved by the Bell (or Boy Meets World or Beverly Hills 90210 or Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) for a slice and a shake after class.

"The '90s vibe was a product of us coming up with the name," said Jordan Biberkraut, self-proclaimed "Pizza Guy" and Hang Time owner. "We grew up watching Saved by the Bell, Hang Time and all the '90s stuff, which — if you grew in that era — is all the rage now. [It] just felt right with all the colours. You have no choice but to be happy here!"

Biberkraut told MTL Blog he had been making pizzas at home during lockdown after falling into a "black hole" of YouTube videos. He said he started giving them out to friends, then selling them (100 pizzas per week at a point!), which led to his now partner tasting one of his deep-dish creations.

The duo paired up for a pop-up at NDG's Pigeon Cafe and eventually opened a spot all of their own in September.

"People fall in love with the floors, the bright colours, the names of the pizzas and the old shows playing in the background," he told MTL Blog. "Not to mention, people seem to be enjoying the pizzas too!"

As for what's popular, the Pizza Guy says that people are really loving the classics — like, for instance, the "Seinfeld's Classic NY Pepperoni Pizza." He said people are also loving "The Fresh Prince of Spicy Pineapple," which has pineapple, hot peppers and jalapeño.

Yes, all the pizzas on the menu are named after your fave '90s shows, including the "Full House Reuben," the "Family Matters Cheese" and the "Boy Meets Eggplant & Sun-Dried Tomato."

So whether you've got a hankering for pizza or you're simply looking for a cool, new spot where you can relax and have a good time, you know where to go.

Hang Time Pizza

Address: 1390, boul. de Maisonneuve O., Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: Oh so tasty and oh so '90s!


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