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This Montreal Pizza Was Ranked Best In Canada & It’s Basically A Big Mac Pie

Another pizza spot in Montreal got an honourable mention! 🍕

Person eating Alto Pizzeria pizza slice, Right: All dressed pizza from Montreal restaurant Alto Pizzeria.

Person eating Alto Pizzeria pizza slice, Right: All dressed pizza from Montreal restaurant Alto Pizzeria.

There are more Montreal restaurants worth visiting than we could ever list, and that is equally true when considering our Montreal pizza options. Considering Montreal's love for the iconic Italian dish, it's no surprise La Pizza Week had a stop in the 514 this past May.

While Pizza Week may have come and gone, the judges have officially announced the winners of the top five pizzas in Canada, and one Montreal pizza restaurant made the cut.

Alto's pizzeria on Parc Avenue secured a top spot as one of the best pizza spots in all of Canada — landing a major win with their Alt-O-Max pizza.

According to La Pizza Week, the mouthwatering pizza is made up of "seasoned ground beef, white onions, pickles, Alto cheese blend, chopped lettuce and our Alto MAX sauce." So, pretty much a Big Mac on dough, y'know?

When it comes to other top spots across the country, La Pizza Week crowned two Winnipeg pizza spots in the top five, too: Tommy's and Pasquale.

Papa's pizzeria in Vancouver also made the cut, as did Santa Lucia pizzeria in Saskatoon.

While only one Montreal pizza place made the Best In Canada list, another won the judge's hearts.

Montreal's Brama was a winner in the "judge's choices" category, securing its top spot with their Mortadolce pizza, which is made up of Oka cheese, mortadella, honey, and spicy parmesan, pistachios. Is anyone else salivating?

Although La Pizza Week is finished, that doesn't mean you can't get your hands on a slice or two of Alto or Brama's delectable pizzas all year round.

Bon appétit!

La Pizza Week 2022 Winners

Best In Canada Winner: Alto

Address: 3469, ave. Du Parc, Montreal, QC


Judge's Choice: Brama

Address: 9850, rue Saint-Urbain Local 101, Montreal, QC


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