This Montrealer Dances Around The City & It'll Make You Remember How To Smile (VIDEO)

Holiday gatherings with the family might be cancelled this year but holiday cheer is not. To find it, look no further than the Instagram and TikTok feeds of professional Montreal dancer Valentin Rosso.

In recent months, Rosso has posted several videos of himself dancing around the city, using the streets as an impromptu stage and surprising nearby pedestrians.

They're guaranteed to make you happy.

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It's a pleasure for me to share my energy and my passion of dancing with people.

Valentin Rosso

One of his most popular videos shows him dancing outside in the pouring rain to the tune of The Weather Girls' "It's Raining Men."

A personal favourite is his November video capturing a routine in front of a surprised construction site worker.

His latest series shows him dressed as an elf surprising passersby with gifts before breaking out in dance. 

Rosso is bringing some much-needed joy to this dreary season.