Ubisoft Responded To Police Operation By Thanking The SPVM & Montreal Community

Police were called in for a hostage situation but confirmed "no threat" was detected.
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Ubisoft Responded To Police Operation By Thanking The SPVM & Montreal Community

Ubisoft has responded to a major police operation at its Mile End office that occurred on November 13 when the SPVM answered a call about a "hostage-taking situation." 

While the investigation is ongoing, the SPVM has confirmed that "no threat" was detected and "no injuries" were reported.

Still, Radio-Canada reported that dozens of people were gathered on the roof with the door barricaded before being evacuated, and the SPVM deployed a large number of resources.

Ubisoft took to Twitter to express that the company and its employees are "extremely relieved" the situation was "resolved without incident," and to thank the SPVM for their "quick and professional response."  

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The entire Ubisoft community in Montreal, in Quebec and around the world is overwhelmed by the events we experienced today and, above all, relieved by their outcome.

Christophe Derennes, managing director, Ubisoft Montreal

In a statement provided to MTL Blog, Ubisoft Montreal's managing director Christophe Derennes said, "Our hearts go out to our colleagues and friends who were at the studio today. They are all safe and sound, that's the most important thing. They were exemplary in an extremely difficult situation."

He said "means are put in place to support [their] employees, including psychological assistance."

"Thank you to the security teams’ employees and to all the other teams who worked closely to follow up on the situation with the police services, the employees and the media," he said.

"The Ubisoft Montreal community is strong and supportive. We would also like to thank all those who sent us messages of solidarity. This touches us enormously."

A spokesperson for the SPVM told MTL Blog that investigators are still investigating, and conclusions will follow.

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