Video Shows A Daredevil Snowboarding Down The Side Of Montreal's Olympic Stadium

No, it's not allowed.
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Video Shows A Daredevil Snowboarding Down The Side Of Montreal's Olympic Stadium

In case you ever misunderstood, the sports are supposed to go inside the arena, not on top. But that rule didn't stop two daredevils from attempting to snowboard down Montreal's Olympic Stadium.

One of the snowboarders, Jérôme Arbour, told MTL Blog the experience was "epic."

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Video from Arbour shows his companion sliding down what Montreal Olympic Park spokesperson Cédric Essiminy described as the east vault of the Olympic Tower on February 28.

Another video from an eyewitness went viral after appearing on the popular Instagram page FNoMTL.

In a conversation with MTL Blog, Essiminy said he "cannot stress enough how dangerous these kinds of stunts are," adding that they're "strictly forbidden."

He further warned would-be daredevils that the place is covered in security cameras and that employees will ask them to leave the premises when they're caught.

Essiminy encouraged visitors to instead head to one of the many places in the park where such activity is actually allowed.

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