You Can Fly Down A 1,400-Foot Zip Line Between Ontario And Quebec Next Year

Tickets are now on sale.
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You Can Fly Down The 1,400-Foot Interzip Rogers Between Ontario And Quebec Next Year

You dangle from a harness in Ontario, plunge across a river at 40 km/h, and then you’re in Quebec. On December 15, online ticket sales began for Interzip Rogers, billed as the first-ever interprovincial zip line.

The ride will debut in the spring of 2021 and its owners expect it to attract thousands of people for a thrilling experience like no other, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

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40 km/h average zip line speed

“The zip line, a concrete large-scale project in the Outaouais, will act as a gateway to Quebec and encourage Ontarians to visit our region," stated the president and CEO of Tourisme Outaouais, France Belisle.

"It will also provide a showcase for entrepreneurs on this side of the river and bring a lot of goodwill to tourism businesses in downtown Gatineau, among others, which is welcome as we relaunch our tourism industry."

Riders start at the top of a 120-foot launch tower on Chaudière Island before hurtling down the 1,400-foot zip line from Ottawa to Gatineau.

Expect magnificent views of the Chaudière Falls and Parliament. There will also be "terrified zip line face" photos and souvenirs for sale at the end.

Interzip Rogers is located in Zibi, a 34-acre waterfront community that straddles Ontario and Quebec.

To help prevent the spread of coronavirus, participants must adhere to both Quebec and Ontario’s health guidelines for outdoor attractions.

This includes an online reservation system with designated time slots to keep the number of participants under control. Tickets cost about $37 for adults and $27 for kids.

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