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Most Quebecers Are In Favour Of Abolishing The Monarchy, According To A Recent Poll

What is the future of the monarchy in Canada?

Flags of Quebec and Canada.

Flags of Quebec and Canada.

61% of Quebecers think it's a "good idea" to abolish the monarchy in the province, according to an August poll by Leger and the IRAI (Institut de recherche sur l'autodétermination des peuples et les indépendances nationales), an organization "whose mission is to carry out, disseminate and make accessible studies on the self-determination of peoples and national independence."

The poll included input from 1,002 voting-eligible Quebecers (randomly selected members of Leger's public opinion panel) via an August 11 to 16 online survey in English and French.

The 60% figure includes 40% of respondents who thought abolishing the monarchy was a "very good idea" and another 20% who thought it was a "mostly good idea."

11% said it was a "mostly bad idea." 12% completely rejected the suggestion. 16% of survey takers didn't know or declined to answer.

The question revealed interesting disparities of opinion between age and language groups, sexes and regions.

The share of respondents who approved of abolishing the monarchy was significantly smaller among 18 to 34-year-olds (53%) than the 55+ crowd (65%).

And while 68% of males agreed, only 54% of females thought abolition was a good idea.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, according to Leger, the idea of getting rid of the monarchy got the approval of 69% of francophone respondents but a minority, 33%, of anglophones.

The proposition earned 59% approval among respondents who lived in the Montreal metro area, 71% approval from Quebec City area residents and 61% approval from people elsewhere in the province.

85% of survey takers in favour of Quebec sovereignty said abolishing the monarchy was a good idea. Among respondents opposed to sovereignty, 49% expressed approval.

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