Like several other beaches in and around Montreal, Verdun beach is soon reopening to the public. As excited as you are about being able to cool off during this heatwave, there are some new rules at Verdun beach that you need to be aware of. To make sure not to act like some rude out-of-towner and destroy the property, here's what you need to know. 

Though Verdun beach had visitors this weekend, the city decided to implement some rules for everyone to follow before officially reopening the site.

For the borough, there are many "logistical needs" to cover first.

Once it opens, only 80 people at a time will be allowed on the beach "and a rotation will take place every 45 minutes," the borough states.*

In addition to these measures, bathers must already be in swimsuits and, if they have children, provide their own lifejackets.

According to the city, several "action plans have been developed to properly respect health and safety measures." 

MTL Blog reached out to city officials to find out more about these measures and how they plan to enforce them. 

Visitors to the beach must keep in mind that the beach isn't officially reopened yet and that all swimming is done at their own risk. 

Until the beach reopens, the city recommends no swimming as there are no lifeguards on duty. 

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Beach-goers must also be aware of the water quality before taking a swim, as there could be a ban on swimming.

To find information on the quality of the water, visitors can dial (514) 280-0789.

Pretty soon, all kinds of beaches around Montreal will be reopened to the public. 

Health officials remind everyone to maintain social distancing and respect the current rules. 

Enjoy your summer at Verdun beach everyone!

This article has been updated.

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