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Montreal Island & Île des Sœurs Might Finally Get A Pedestrian And Bike Bridge

This would make things a lot easier.

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Montreal Island & Îles des Sœurs Might Finally Get A Pedestrian And Bike Bridge

Montreal might finally build a pedestrian and bike bridge between the Verdun Beach area and Île des Sœurs, a part of the city that's otherwise difficult to quickly reach without a car.

There's currently no direct link between the two parts of the borough of Verdun. The only pedestrian crossing from Montreal Island to Île des Sœurs is the (albeit wide) protected sidewalk alongside the busy autoroute 15, which passes through the Sud-Ouest borough.

In a January 26 press release, the City of Montreal said it has mandated an architectural firm and an engineering firm to study two possible scenarios, both would place the bridge at the end of rue Galt, just to the south of the Verdun Auditorium and Verdun Beach.

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The first scenario would involve a bridge at least five metres in length just for pedestrians and cyclists. The second would also be big and strong enough to carry emergency vehicles.

The city said any new bridge would have to link to existing bike and pedestrian paths and "enhance views of interest" including the "view of Mount Royal and downtown."

The area on the Montreal side of the would-be bridge has become a popular destination. The Verdun Auditorium recently underwent a major renovation. Verdun Beach opened in 2019 as an urban riverside oasis and quickly became a summer staple.

"The creation of a new link between the two shores of Verdun has been one of the borough's priorities for many years," Verdun Borough Mayor Marie-Andrée Mauger said in the press release.

"This link is becoming increasingly necessary so that all Verdunois have better access to the borough's major facilities and attractions."

    Thomas MacDonald
    Senior Editor
    Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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