2020: the East Coast's summer of sharks? Over the past few months, two sharks, by the names of Brunswick and Teazer, have been caught hanging out in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. And now, it seems as though they've got a new friend.

His name is Vimy. According to Ocearch, he swam his way into the Gulf of St. Lawrence at some point between August 25 and September 8, which is when he was last located.

1,164 pounds

What we know for sure is that it's now September 9 and our boy Vimy, a white shark, is swimming in the St. Lawrence waters and he weighs a grand total of 1,164 pounds.

Yep, he's one BIG boy. He's also a total of 12 feet, nine inches, which is more than double the height of your average human.

If you're curious about keeping track of Vimy's whereabouts, you can follow him on Twitter. Except, he hasn't updated his account in awhile. He must be busy.

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