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Private Gatherings In Quebec: Here's What Is And Isn't Allowed Right Now

Outdoor gatherings are still permitted — for now!

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Private Gatherings In Quebec: Here's What Is And Isn't Allowed Right Now

This December 30, it felt as though a massive wave smacked the province as the provincial government announced the arrival of even stricter health measures. In addition to the implementation of the curfew, changes regarding private gatherings in Quebec have been made and come into effect on December 31.

"The vast majority of Quebecers respect the instructions, but there is a minority who do not follow the instructions. Even if private gatherings are prohibited, we know that a minority will party very late. It will be all Quebecers who will suffer the consequences," wrote the Prime Minister in a Facebook post.

In order to follow the new guidelines, here is what is and is not allowed for private gatherings this New Year's Eve and until further notice.

Indoor Gatherings

After being reduced from twenty people to ten to six in a matter of weeks, private indoor gatherings are now prohibited.

Only occupants of the same residence will be allowed to gather under the same roof in Quebec.

"It's important to understand that [...] for people who live in couples or groups, it will no longer be possible to gather with people from other bubbles," said Premier Legault.

Note that this measure applies at all times, not just during curfew hours.

Similar to the first lockdown, violators of the public health rules risk fines of $1,000 to $6,000, plus costs.

Exceptions For Indoor Gatherings

For indoor private gatherings, certain exceptions apply, including for people living alone.

"A single person (with children, if applicable) may join a family bubble," the government says.

Caregivers, or a visitor who is visiting someone's home to provide care, support or services, are also permitted to enter another residence.

Outdoor Gatherings

To the surprise of many, no changes were announced regarding outdoor gatherings on private property and balconies.

"A maximum of 20 people from different addresses is allowed, or the occupants from 3 households.," the Government of Quebec's website says.

However, we cannot forget about the province-wide curfew in effect, which prohibits anyone from moving outside their residence between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

So if you're planning a get-together with friends around a fire in your backyard, make sure you all make your way inside by 10 p.m. if you'd like to avoid a potential fine.

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