Quebec Drivers ​Get A Major Discount On License Renewals In 2022 & You'll Only Pay $24

Without this "insurance contribution vacation," you'd owe over $100.

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Quebec Drivers ​Get A Major Discount On License Renewals In 2022 & You'll Only Pay $24

Between potholes, countless "rues barrées" and snow clearing season, Quebec drivers may feel like they deserve a break. Now, they're actually getting one — at least when it comes to the amount they pay for license renewals, which will only cost $24 for most motorists in the new year.

Class 5 (passenger vehicle) or 6 (motorcycle) license holders who are renewing their licenses in 2022 still have to pay licence fees and administrative fees, but do not have to contribute to the cost of insurance.

Without the discount, insurance would have cost these drivers $83.62 in 2022, according to The Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ). That plus license and admin fees would have added up to around $107.62 instead of just $24.

The SAAQ announced the reduced rate in April, explaining that it would use a $1.158 billion surplus to give back to its customers.

The surplus, it said, came from a combination of "higher than expected investment income" over the past 10 years and improved "road balance." It said there was a "significant decrease in the number of road accident victims" in 2020, meaning fewer claims had to be paid out.

The "insurance contribution vacation," as the SAAQ called it, will actually be applied over the course of two years, so you can expect to pay a reduced rate in 2023 as well. The SAAQ estimated that drivers will save at least $184 during the two-year period.

It's important to note that the payment vacation will not affect the existing insurance plan, which remains in place, the SAAQ said.

There is, however, an exception to the "insurance contribution vacation." If you've racked up demerit points, you'll still pay the SAAQ for insurance — albeit at a reduced rate — on top of your license and admin fees. The insurance contribution will cost you between $52.29 and $436.89, depending on the number of demerit points you've accumulated.

Fees also vary depending on the type of license or licenses you have, so check the SAAQ's insurance contributions webpage for more information.

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