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driving in quebec

Following Montreal's first significant snowfall of the season, Quebec police are gearing up for a major operation to stop reckless driving. Between November 10 and 16, police officers across the province will be on high alert for unsafe road maneuvers. The move comes in response to recent statistics showing a rise in accidents due to bad behavior behind the wheel.

Quebec police are taking an especially strong stance against common but dangerous driving infractions like failing to yield, running red lights, ignoring stop signs, and tailgating. They've been identified as leading contributors to road accidents, and with worsening road conditions during the winter, risk is heightened.

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Our provincial police will be keeping a close eye on the roads from October 7 to 10, with many Quebecers planning to drive to visit relatives for Thanksgiving. The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) is advising drivers to stay alert, cautious and courteous during their road trips and recreational activities this weekend.

"Let's not forget that the key to safety is the commitment of the person behind the wheel. Whether one is using a road vehicle, a mountain bike or a boat, each driver is required to make the difference in the preservation of his life and those of his fellow citizens," the Sûreté du Québec wrote in a press release.

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CAA-Quebec has kicked off the seventh edition of its "Worst Roads in Quebec" campaign, inviting residents to nominate and vote for their least favourite streets to receive the dubious honour.

Quebecers can cast a vote via an online submission form. They need to enter the street name, the nearest crossroad, the city name, the province and their email address. They can also upload as many as five pieces of photo evidence to justify their selection.

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Almost half of us cruise down the road while glued to our smartphones, a new survey has found.

According to a report by Ratesdotca, 43% of Canadians admit to using their phones behind the wheel while 83% engage in distracted driving behaviour of one kind or another. 67% of respondents admitted to eating or drinking while driving. A dangerous minority (5%) admitted to watching videos.

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Between potholes, countless "rues barrées" and snow clearing season, Quebec drivers may feel like they deserve a break. Now, they're actually getting one — at least when it comes to the amount they pay for license renewals, which will only cost $24 for most motorists in the new year.

Class 5 (passenger vehicle) or 6 (motorcycle) license holders who are renewing their licenses in 2022 still have to pay licence fees and administrative fees, but do not have to contribute to the cost of insurance.

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Between an upcoming winter storm and a bunch of road closures, traffic could be tricky for drivers in Greater Montreal this weekend.

To avoid getting stuck in dreaded Montreal traffic or — worse yet — in an accident, here's what you need to know.

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