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Quebec Is Extending Red Zone Business Closures Into 2021

The Quebec government hopes the province's COVID-19 situation will get better by January.
Quebec Is Extending Red Zone Business Closures Into 2021

In a press conference on November 19, Premier François Legault announced an extension on restrictions in Quebec red zones.

All businesses that were forced to close as a result of red zone restrictions announced on October 1 will remain closed until January 11, 2021.

"There are too many cases," Legault said. "There's still too much pressure on the health network." 

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We hope that after [January] 11, we will be able to open them.

Premier François Legault

Quebec's financial assistance program for businesses in red zones has also been extended until January 11, Legault said.

Restaurant dining rooms, bars, gyms, theatres, and museums are among the businesses that will remain closed.

The premier said he hopes to be able to open these businesses after January 11, but made clear that that depends on the number of cases decreasing before then.

"When we look at the situation throughout the world," he said, "we can say two things. One, there are places that are really worrying. Two, these measures — [for] restaurants, gyms, theatres — these are measures that are in place [...] all over the world."

He called this fact a "small consolation."

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