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Quebec Reported Over 15,000 New COVID-19 Cases On Sunday & The Majority Are Double Vaxxed

All Quebecers 18+ will be able to book a third dose appointment by the end of January.

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Quebec Reported Over 15,000 New COVID-19 Cases On Sunday & The Majority Are Double Vaxxed

For the last five days of 2021, Quebec broke its daily COVID-19 case count record day after day. On January 1, the province recorded the highest number we've seen since the start of the pandemic, reporting 17,122 new infections in the previous 24 hours.

Luckily, the data for January 2 finally broke that record-breaking streak. In the last 24 hours, Quebec reported 15,845 new cases.

However, experts have warned that official case counts are likely unreliable, in part because of the introduction of rapid at-home testing. A positive result from an at-home test no longer needs to be confirmed at a testing centre, meaning that these cases are not included in the totals reported by the province.

But according to the data published on Santé Québec's Twitter, the majority of new cases in Quebec are in individuals who have been fully vaccinated.

Of the 15,845 new cases reported Sunday, 12,476 had received two doses of vaccine at least seven days prior.

According to the same source, in the last 28 days, the majority of cases are among people vaccinated with two doses within at least seven days: Out of 170,365 new cases, 130,810 were in people who were fully vaccinated.

Still, Sunday's data states that unvaccinated people were 0.7 times more likely than vaccinated people to become infected by the virus, and those who had only received one vaccine dose were 0.5 times more likely.

In Quebec, 84.5% of the population had received at least one dose of a vaccine as of December 30, so vaccinated people are in the majority in the province. This could explain why the majority of new COVID-19 cases are in people who are fully vaccinated — proportionately, non-vaccinated people are still more likely to be infected.

The government is now recommending a third dose or booster shot of a COVID-19 vaccine six months after the last dose was administered.

The schedule for obtaining the third dose was made available on December 28, and the entire Quebec adult population will be eligible to book a third vaccination appointment by the end of January.

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines and can answer any questions you may have.

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