You Don't Need To Update Your Quebec Vaccine Passport If You Get A Third Dose

Quebec is making third dose appointments available for some people this month.

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You Don't Need To Update Your Quebec Vaccine Passport If You Get A Third Dose

With all this talk of third vaccine doses and updates to your proof of vaccination in Quebec, it might be hard to make heads or tails of what exactly is going on right now.

Do you need a third dose? Do you need a whole new vaccine passport? Our colleagues at Narcity Québec contacted the Ministry of Health to clear this all up for you.

You might've heard that Health Minister Christian Dubé recently announced that the province is recommending a third dose or booster shot for people aged 80 and older and people who have received two doses of Astra-Zeneca/COVIDShield or Johnson & Johnson.

People aged 70-79 can also opt to get a third dose.

"Since this protection [offered by a vaccine] tends to decrease slightly among people aged 80 and over, we want to ensure that we better protect these people, as well as those who had opted for two doses of viral vector vaccine, which have a slightly lower efficacy," Health Minister Christian Dubé said in the statement.

The health ministry made no suggestion that people under 70 who already have two doses of an mRNA vaccine such as Pfizer or Moderna will need to get a third dose as of yet.

In a statement shared with Narcity Québec, the ministry assured that people who get a third dose will not need to download a new proof of vaccination.

The government considers you adequately vaccinated if you've had two vaccine doses.

So rest easy, folks — if you're under 70 and already fully vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine, you're good to go.

Teddy Elliot
Staff Writer