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Quebec's Liberal Party Is Predicted To Be The Official Opposition

Anglade is likely to retain her seat.

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Dominique Anglade posing by a wall.

Dominique Anglade posing by a wall.

Dominique Anglade's Liberal Party is projected to take the official opposition tonight as the CAQ steams ahead with a strong majority, according to CTV, TVA, CBC and Radio-Canada predictions this evening.

The Liberals are leading in 21 electoral divisions with just over 40% of votes counted, according to Élections Québec, while projected runner-up Québec Solidaire leads in 11 districts.

Anglade's biggest competition in Saint-Henri—Sainte-Anne was Québec Solidaire candidate Guillaume Cliche-Rivard, who currently trails her by just under 1,000 votes, per Élections Québec. Anglade had garnered just under 35% of the vote in her riding, with 36.55% of votes counted as of 9:30 p.m. on election night.

The Liberals won 31 seats in the 2018 election, but saw their total drop to 27 by the time the 2022 election was called.

Polls had shown the CAQ cruising to victory for much of the party's time in office, and QC125, a poll aggregator, had long projected a crushing victory. But projecting the opposition party has been a murkier task, with four parties — the Quebec Liberal Party, Québec Solidaire, Parti Québécois and Parti Conservateur du Québec — splitting 60% of the popular vote almost evenly in polls down just ahead of the October 3 vote.

Projections on QC125 showed the Liberals winning 21 seats, with many of their projected votes concentrated in a pocket of seats in the Montreal area, and the three other parties winning fewer because their projected overall support was distributed more widely around the province.

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