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Quebec Will Reportedly Soon Go Into 'Total Lockdown' & Impose Curfews

La Presse says Legault will make the announcement Wednesday.
Contributing Writer

On January 5, La Presse reported that Quebec will allegedly soon be going into a "total lockdown," which could involve the imposition of curfews.

According to La Presse, Premier Legault will announce more in-depth lockdown rules that will be imposed "starting Saturday, for a period of three to four weeks."

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Premier François Legault will announce on Wednesday the imposition of a new total lockdown.

La Presse

The article claims such is coming about because "the COVID-19 pandemic is now out of control in Quebec and [we are] faced with a worrisome increase in hospitalizations."

We're told that government officials are getting together this Tuesday to discuss this upcoming lockdown and make sure it is in a "more orderly fashion than last spring."

The "total lockdown" is expected to begin as of Saturday, January 9.

And the possibility of imposing curfews in Quebec during this time is also mentioned in La Presse's report.

"The Public Health Department has also proposed that a curfew be imposed. It remains to be seen how long it will last: we are talking about 8 or 9 p.m. until the next morning."

The government will supposedly announce these new measures on Wednesday.

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