10 Things You Have To Do If You Only Have 48 Hours In Quebec City

La belle province has une belle capitale!
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10 Things You Have To Do If You Only Have 48 Hours In Quebec City

Quebec lives up to its name of la belle province, especially when it comes to the capital. Even though you'll want to stay there forever, there's plenty of things to see and do in Quebec City to make your 48 hour-visit an unforgettable experience. Filled with history, culture, architecture, nature, and cuisine, the city is not just the capital of Quebec, but also of tourism in Canada.

In fact, it was voted the number one destination in the country for five years in a row.

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Whether it's your first time to Quebec City or you've been before, soaking in its unique flair is timelessly entertaining.

Even if you may not have as long as you might like, two days is a great way to introduce yourself to one of the most fascinating cities in North America, if not the world.

The best part? Just about everything in the city's core is accessible on foot.

So the next time you book a weekend in the capital, be sure to cross these activities off your bucket list.

Grande Allée

The Grande Allée, a long boulevard that runs parallel to the Plains of Abraham, is a nightlife and food destination. Be sure to stop for lunch at one of the many terrasses.


Terrasse Dufferin

Address: Rue des Carrières, Quebec City, QC

Walk along the iconic boardwalk that hugs the St. Lawrence River and goes by what some claim is the world's most-photographed hotel, Le Château Frontenac.

The walk spans hundreds of metres and offers a great view of the city.

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Notre-Dame de Québec

Address: 6, rue de Buade, Quebec City, QC

Montreal has its own beautiful Basilica in Old Montreal, but the one in Quebec City is just as breathtaking. Come for the history and spirituality and stay for the absolute work of art that is the basilica.


Plains of Abraham

Address: Battlefields Park, Quebec City, QC

Anybody who took a Canadian history class is familiar with the Plains of Abrahams and why it's important to Quebec City and all of Canada. For those that need a refresher or those that just love history, you can go see the site for yourself.

From the Plains, you'll get a view of the Citadelle and can wander over to Quebec's ornate Parliament building.

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Chutes Montmorency

Address: 2490, ave. Royale, Quebec City, QC

Just 15 minutes from the Old City are the Chutes Montmorency, a towering waterfall that makes for a great way to start the morning. There's also the entire park to explore.

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La Citadelle

Address: 1, côte de la Citadelle, Quebec City, QC

For those looking for even more history in Canada's most historic city, head to the Citadelle, which sits atop the city.

Did you know it houses an official residence of the Governor-General of Canada? It's the centrepiece of the fortifications of Quebec City, which include the only intact city walls north of Mexico.

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Address: See website for multiple locations

You can't explore a city without trying some of the local treats. Paillard makes incredible pastries that'll make you understand why the French do dessert so well.

Plus the café will give you the total European vibes that you're looking for.


Chez Muffy At Auberge Saint-Antoine

Address: 8, rue Saint-Antoine, Quebec City, QC

You'll definitely need some breakfast at some point so why not head over to Chez Muffy? Even though Le Château Frontenac is more well-known, Auberge Saint-Antoine is also incredible and its restaurant offers superb Québécois cuisine.


Street Hopping

Address: All over the city

You've heard of island-hopping, but what about street-hopping?

Quebec City is home to some of the most beautiful and charming streets in the world, especially throughout Old Quebec and including the famous and dense rue du Petit-Champlain.

Assemblée nationale du Québec

Address: 1045, rue des Parlementaires, Quebec City, QC

No visit to our province's capital is complete without a visit to the parliament building.

In normal times, there are tours of the building and library available to the public. You can also witness parliamentary proceedings.


Bonnes vacances!

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment and obey any local laws.

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