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Quebec's Iconic "$5 Waterfall" Is Only 2.5 Hours From Montreal & A Must-See This Fall

People used to believe it was the waterfall on Canada's five dollar bill.

Being able to say your picture has been printed on a piece of money is a pretty big deal. Just ask the Queen, she's on all of it. But if you can't be printed on a bill, the next best thing is for people to think that you have, like Quebec's "$5 Waterfall" in Mauricie.

The waterfall is actually the Fall of Nine, one of 17 waterfalls of the Batiscan River. This particular waterfall is found in the mid-Batiscanie portion of the river. 

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A Road Trip Down Quebec's New France Route Is The Perfect Way To End Your Summer

We made a list of the important things to stop and see along 57-kilometre route!

Aside from breathtaking nature and incredible culture, Quebec is filled with an amazing history. Not everyone was the best in history class, myself included, but the one place that I always remembered was New France. Now you can take an amazing Quebec road trip through this historic part of the province to really bring history to life (and don't worry — there's no quiz at the end!)

Starting in Quebec City, this 57-kilometre route takes less than a day to complete.

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This Hotel Was Just Ranked The Best In Quebec & It's Perfect For A Romantic Getaway

It's an auberge that will take you all the way back to New France.

What makes a good hotel stay? Is it waking up to a Danish and a cup of coffee? A dry martini from the lobby bar? Or is it being immersed in a historical experience amidst opulent décor? Quebec City's Auberge Saint-Antoine can give you all of that, and more. TripAdvisor recently published a list of the top 24 hotels in Canada for 2020, and at number four, the auberge topped the list for Quebec.

"We are very flatted and honored," Dagmar Lombard, general manager of Auberge Saint-Antoine, told MTL Blog.

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10 Things You Have To Do If You Only Have 48 Hours In Quebec City

La belle province has une belle capitale!

Quebec lives up to its name of la belle province, especially when it comes to the capital. Even though you'll want to stay there forever, there's plenty of things to see and do in Quebec City to make your 48 hour-visit an unforgettable experience. Filled with history, culture, architecture, nature, and cuisine, the city is not just the capital of Quebec, but also of tourism in Canada.

In fact, it was voted the number one destination in the country for five years in a row.

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There's Never Been A Better Time To Visit Quebec City's Famous Terrasse Dufferin

Fewer tourists means you can dance along the boardwalk.

Quebec City is a pretty amazing place to visit. In fact, we don't wanna brag, but it's the most popular destination in Canada for the fifth year in a row. And whether you've never been before or have already seen it for yourself, if there were ever a time to go, it's now — especially to see Terrasse Dufferin.

While we love showing off la belle province, it can definitely become flooded with tourists.

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You Can Live Out Your White Picket Fence Dreams For A Weekend At This Quebec Hotel

It was just voted #17 in this year's "Top 100 Hotels in the World."

Living in la belle province, we're at no shortage of picturesque places. And when it comes to bed and breakfasts, there's no exception. And because Quebec is filled with beautiful cities and quaint smaller villages, it can be hard to pick what type of vacation you want. We're here to introduce you to the hotel Manoir Hovey in North Hatley, which has everything you'd dream of for a weekend escape.

And if you won't take our word for it, you can believe Travel + Leisure, which just voted Manoir Hovey as the second-best resort hotel in all of Canada and #17 in "The Top 100 Hotels in the World."

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