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Quebecers' Fave Groceries Include Eggrolls & Deli Meat — Other Provinces Are Even Weirder

And what's with the frozen berry obsession?

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
​A grocery store aisle in Quebec.

A grocery store aisle in Quebec.

Quebecers are among the healthiest residents in Canada if what they toss in their shopping carts is an indication. Grocery delivery service Instacart tallied purchases from 3,000 supermarkets across all provinces, including Costco, Walmart, Loblaws, and Metro, to find out which unusual items people buy the most.

They found Quebec residents order 370% more frozen raspberries than any other province. That's somewhat surprising given the strength of the province's agricultural sector. Residents are also spoiled for options when it comes to locally-grown fresh produce available at outdoor markets and fruiteries.

Chart summarizing each province's favourite food products according to Instacart's data.Chart summarizing each province's favourite food products according to Instacart's data.Courtesy of Instacart

The popularity of frozen raspberries suggests the standard Quebecer's sweet tooth extends to smoothies and other desserts featuring the iced fruit. Canning doesn't seem like a likely culprit for the shopping habit since jam relies more on fresh berries.

Residents' healthy habits are balanced out with a clear obsession with frozen egg rolls (+238%) and mixed deli meats (+199%).

In fact, meat features in most provinces' odd purchases. Ontarians love their back bacon (+46%), also known as Canadian bacon which includes pork loin and belly in the same lean cut. New Brunswick residents commonly chow down on canned pork (+309%), while British Columbians tend more toward pork belly (+122%).

People from Newfoundland and Labrador beat out the rest when it comes to meat consumption, buying Vienna sausages at the highest rate of any on the list (+647%). Turns out the affordable tinned meat is a popular snack that features predominantly in finger foods around the holidays.

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