Quebec's New Fall Forecast Is Here & It's Predicting Warmer Temps Than We're Used To

But sweater weather season lives on. 🍂
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Quebec's New Fall Forecast Is Here & It's Predicting Warmer Temps Than We're Used To

If you've checked outside your window recently or went for a little stroll in the park, you're sure to have noticed that the leaves have begun changing colours in la belle province. While fall may not officially start until September 22, the cool air breezing through the streets seems to say otherwise. If you've been waiting to know what the fall weather in Quebec is going to be like this year, good news: The Weather Network released its forecast for the season on Monday, September 14.

So, this means you can start to plan your autumn weather attire and pumpkin-related activities accordingly.

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"The cooler air will be digging in for the early part of the fall — we've already seen that for the early part of September," Meteorologist Jaclyn Whittal tells us in The Weather Network's Quebec fall predictions.

For the rest of September, however, Quebecers could see a "changeable and unsettled" weather pattern.

Such is expected to cause an extremely early ending to growing season in Northern Quebec, which is isn't the best news for farmers and their crops.

But, on a happier note, "lots of sunshine and above-average temperatures" are expected this autumn, especially during October and November.

Whittal also assured us that we won't go "freefalling into winter."

Meaning that during mid- to late-fall, we should expect a "mild pattern" in temperatures.

Most of the province is expected to experience "near normal" precipitation — except for east of Quebec City.

So to all the Montrealers out there, sounds like we could be dodging a rainy bullet this year.

But, make sure to have an umbrella ready for the season regardless.

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More good news, the Weather Network's fall 2020 forecast for Quebec predicts that it shouldn't be a "repeat of last fall" and that they're "not expecting [an] extended false start to winter in November."

Sounds like this has the potential to be one of the best autumns Quebec has seen in recent years!

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