Quebec's Health Minister Clarified The New Rules For Private Gatherings Using Emojis

An emoji says 1,000 words? 🤔😉
Quebec's Health Minister Clarified The New Rules For Private Gatherings Using Emojis

Health measures are tightening again, with the second wave officially hitting the province. The rules for private gatherings in Quebec has decreased from 10 to six since September 21 in regions on "orange alert." With all the new regulations that have been created since the spring and all the changes that affect them, some citizens may no longer know what to think.

And there seemed to be some confusion with the new rule on private gatherings in orange zones.

Quebec's Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé, has therefore clarified this by using emojis in a two-part tweet.

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"Precision on private gatherings: 6 people max regardless of the number of addresses OR 2 families of 2 different addresses max."

It was then that the Minister gave more precise and concrete examples using emojis.

For areas in orange alert mode, it is indeed a maximum of six people for private gatherings, if they reside at more than two different addresses.

For example, a person living alone can invite five friends or family members to visit them, even if they live at five different addresses, as shown in the emojis of six different faces.

And the number of people allowed can exceed six when all of them live at only two different addresses.

So two families of four people can legally visit each other.

Other small emojis illustrate this in the Minister's tweet.

In the same vein, all restaurants in orange zones have a maximum of six people allowed per table.

As for public gatherings such as marriages, barbeques, any festival or ones in rented places or places of worship, in the orange zones, the maximum is now 25 people, instead of 250.

It should be noted, however, that Christian Dubé and the government are suggesting that gatherings be avoided and that contacts be "limited" at the present time.

Health instructions also now differ from one region to another since the implementation of the alert system.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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