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Montreal is officially becoming a yellow zone this Monday, June 14. And, with that, come yellow zone rules.

As Quebec's new COVID-19 cases continue to decline and with the rules on gatherings, restaurants, gyms — and more — changing quickly, MTL Blog went through your DMs and answered your questions about what it means to be at a "Level 2–Early Warning (yellow)" alert level. 

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As the second wave of the pandemic continues to sweep across the province, the Ministry of Health and Social Services announced on Sunday, October 4, that three new municipalities will now also be entering Quebec's "red alert."

"Given the evolution of the epidemiological situation in certain sectors of the Gaspé Peninsula, it is announced today that three municipalities in the MRC d'Avignon will move to the red level (maximum alert)," reads a government press release.

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Health measures are tightening again, with the second wave officially hitting the province. The rules for private gatherings in Quebec has decreased from 10 to six since September 21 in regions on "orange alert." With all the new regulations that have been created since the spring and all the changes that affect them, some citizens may no longer know what to think.

And there seemed to be some confusion with the new rule on private gatherings in orange zones.

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The provincial government held an important press conference on Sunday, September 20, to update the province on the current COVID-19 situation in Quebec. As of today, Montreal, Chaudière-Appalaches and parts of Capitale-Nationale are officially under "orange alert." During a previous conference held on September 8, the government officials unveiled the new COVID-19 alert system in Quebec, which contains four levels: green, yellow, orange, and red. 

On September 15, it was announced that some regions in the province moved from the green to yellow level. And now, three of those regions have rapidly made their way into "orange alert," which is deemed a "moderate" alert.

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