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It's officially the end of another NHL season and although the Habs may not have taken home the Stanley Cup as we wanted, they still had one hell of a run.

And as per usual after Wednesday's game, a few of the players took to Zoom to reflect on what happened during the match — this time was just a little extra emotional.

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For the first time since 1993, after 17 laborious and dramatic playoff games, the Montreal Canadiens are going to be in the Stanley Cup finals

Their June 24 victory made for an emotional Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day in Quebec, both for Montrealers — who celebrated until the early hours of the morning — and the Habs themselves.

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Despite some COVID-19 cancellations, Quebecers celebrated one of the most festive Saint-Jean-Baptiste Days ever because the Montreal Canadiens eliminated the Vegas Golden Knights, sending them straight to the Stanley Cup finals.

The downtown area was buzzing with thousands of cheering fans, and the Twitter reactions, both to the win and to the festivities, were just perfect.

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