6 Post-Win Habs Moments That Were Too Adorable For Words

For the first time since 1993, after 17 laborious and dramatic playoff games, the Montreal Canadiens are going to be in the Stanley Cup finals

Their June 24 victory made for an emotional Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day in Quebec, both for Montrealers — who celebrated until the early hours of the morning — and the Habs themselves.

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Cole "Goal" Caufield and Nick Suzuki shared a bromantic hug after their Game 6 win. Name a more iconic duo — we'll wait.

Kinglike goaltender Carey Price — also known as Papa Price, Jesus Price, Pricey and Larry — tenderly waved at his family from home ice after the game.

The reaction of his wife, Angela Price, was priceless as she jumped for joy on the winning siren, while 2-year-old Millie was asleep in her arms.

In our fave reaction of the night, Habs general manager Marc Bergevin jumped, danced, bounced and gasped for joy after the winning goal, all in his signature red suit.

Habs centre Phillip Danault is known for being the pizza guy, and the Game 6 win didn't stop him. Danault and Caufield shared some slices post-match while wishing Quebecers everywhere a bonne Saint-Jean.

Danault and final goal-scorer Artturi Lehkonen — the two who sealed the deal — shared a hug on the ice after their final goal, which secured one of two spots in the finals for their team.