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Cole Caufield's Tiny Dog Has More Instagram Followers Than Most Of Us Ever Will (PHOTOS)

Olive Caufield is a real cutie.

Cole Caufield's Cute Tiny Dog Has Instagram (PHOTOS)

We all know an Instagram pet that has more followers than we ever will — like Montreal's beloved Tika the Iggy — that provides our feed with the wholesome content we all need. And now, we've found another cutie for you to follow: Montreal Canadiens' rookie sensation Cole Caufield's pup, Olive.

On Instagram, Olive is known as @olivepawfield, and even though the account only started posting pictures of the pup on July 17, this furry canine has already racked up over 5,000 followers.

In the captions on the Instagram page, the dog refers to Caufield as "brother," so it's likely to be his family's pet back home in Wisconsin.

His pup looks a lot like a long-haired dachshund — and a cute lil' ginger one, at that.

Olive's Instagram tells us that this doggo likes naps, hanging with Cole, being fed treats, and kayaking with the family.

No doubt Olive misses her big brother every time he's spending time in Montreal playing for the Habs.

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