These Reactions To The Montreal Canadiens' Victory Are Too Funny Not To Share

Tweeting our way to the Stanley Cup finals.
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These Reactions To The Montreal Canadiens' Victory Are Too Funny Not To Share

Despite some COVID-19 cancellations, Quebecers celebrated one of the most festive Saint-Jean-Baptiste Days ever because the Montreal Canadiens eliminated the Vegas Golden Knights, sending them straight to the Stanley Cup finals.

The downtown area was buzzing with thousands of cheering fans, and the Twitter reactions, both to the win and to the festivities, were just perfect.

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Playing on how Premier François Legault loves to describe small gatherings as "p'tit parties," MC Gilles tweeted at Legault asking if the massive crowd outside the Bell Centre was considered a small-, medium- or large-sized party. 

Some other Twitter users, such as Brant Feldman, pointed out the silliness of only allowing 3,500 people in the Bell Centre while way more people packed the streets.

Phillip Danault's pizza at press conferences has been the talk of the town for the past few weeks. In addition to getting us all craving pizza, it has many Quebecers wondering when Danault will get a pizza sponsorship. 

Danault sharing pizza with young Cole Caufield on Thursday night touched many. Guillaume Pelletier came up with the perfect title for Caufield's reaction: "When mom isn't here and dad is in charge of dinner."

Ultimately, we were all just feeling the love — some of us so much so that we were jealous of the moment Marc Bergevin hugged Carey Price.

The Stanley Cup or the orange cone? Montreal was so happy last night that it didn't even matter.

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