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daylight saving time

The end of daylight saving time in Montreal marked the onset of shorter days, but for those who live and visit Ville-Marie, it also heralds the launch of longer parking meter hours. Starting on November 15, as nights draw in earlier, residents will need to mind the extended parking regulations that are set to roll out across five parts of the borough.

Parking policy takes a U-turn

The move comes after back-and-forth earlier this year over lengthening the hours of paid parking and an alleged lack of consultation with local businesses and opposition. The parking changes sparked a debate over municipal transparency, resulting in a withdrawal of the proposed measures in April.

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We have reached that point of the year again: daylight saving time.

On November 5, 2023, at 2 a.m., daylight saving time in North America will end and the clocks will be set to go back an hour. This means Canadians can expect earlier nights and brighter mornings ahead, that is after it takes you a week to adjust to the time change.

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Quebec is "open" to making daylight saving time permanent, but Quebecers shouldn't expect an end to the dizzying biannual time changes any time soon.

Not only is it not a priority, but officials also want to align with neighbouring jurisdictions. That could mean a long slog through cross-border legislative processes — if enough lawmakers even decide they're willing to spend any time and energy on the proposal at all.

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As the weather improves and spring inches closer, we've arrived at that time of year again where we'll be switching our clocks an hour ahead. Yup! Daylight saving time is upon us, and that means we'll all be losing an hour of sleep.

This is easily the hardest part, considering we all love to get our beauty sleep, right? Well, as of Sunday, March 13, at 2 a.m. our clocks will be moving forward an hour, making the local time 3 a.m. instead.

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Get ready for an extra hour of sleep or bar-hopping. Montreal clocks are falling back an hour at 2 a.m. on November 7, as daylight saving time ends, but did you know that not every Canadian city, province and territory participates in this time change?

The idea of abolishing the time change has been in the news for a few years now due to complaints that it causes physical and psychological inconveniences. Places including Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia are toying with the idea of ending twice-yearly time changes just like other parts of Canada already have.

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Photo cred - Claydo in Oz

As I'm sat here still yawning and foggy-headed more than half way through the day, now awake for several hours, I can only think to blame that hour of sleep we lost over the weekend due to this so-called "daylight saving time". After getting a brief taste of what it's like to not wake up in complete darkness before getting ready for work, here I am back to feeling disoriented, groggy and straight-up cursing the heavens (and my day job) for essentially robbing me of sleep and natural light. Let's be honest here, it should be called "daylight stealing time".

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