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daylight savings time

We have reached that point of the year again: daylight saving time.

On November 5, 2023, at 2 a.m., daylight saving time in North America will end and the clocks will be set to go back an hour. This means Canadians can expect earlier nights and brighter mornings ahead, that is after it takes you a week to adjust to the time change.

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Despite the copious snow and freezing temperatures, spring is definitively on its way. With the warmer season comes the time to leap forward again, bringing us back to daylight savings time after our "fall back" in November. But instead of an extra hour of sleep, this time, we'll be losing an hour! Great news.

The particular hour we'll all miss out on comes at 2 a.m. on the morning of March 12, 2023. Thanks to this change, we'll get a little more light each evening, as the sun rises later in the day. Despite some pushes to abolish daylight savings time, it's a standard practice across Canada and the U.S., with each leap forward taking place on the first Sunday of March and each returning to standard time on the first Sunday in November.

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Quebec is "open" to making daylight saving time permanent, but Quebecers shouldn't expect an end to the dizzying biannual time changes any time soon.

Not only is it not a priority, but officials also want to align with neighbouring jurisdictions. That could mean a long slog through cross-border legislative processes — if enough lawmakers even decide they're willing to spend any time and energy on the proposal at all.

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As the weather improves and spring inches closer, we've arrived at that time of year again where we'll be switching our clocks an hour ahead. Yup! Daylight saving time is upon us, and that means we'll all be losing an hour of sleep.

This is easily the hardest part, considering we all love to get our beauty sleep, right? Well, as of Sunday, March 13, at 2 a.m. our clocks will be moving forward an hour, making the local time 3 a.m. instead.

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Say farewell to the sun, and your happiness, because you're not going to see either for quite a while.

Today, the sun is going to set at the nigh ridiculous time of 4:38pm. Thanks to daylight savings, which forced all of our clocks back an hour, we''re all losing the sun's warming rays well before five o'clock.

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Twice a year, you change the time on your clock, either moving the hour hand forward or back depending on the time of year. The annual "fall back" is happening this Sunday, and while the practice is habitual and observed almost all across the country, what do you really know about daylight savings time?

At its core, daylight savings time (DST) is all about fitting more sunlight into a day. By putting your clock back in the late fall, when days get shorter, people will be wake when the sun is actually up, and the reversal when the days get longer in the spring.

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