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spvm officer

A video of a person managing to escape from two Montreal police officers' restraint has been making waves on Instagram over the last few days, racking up over 86K views on @mtlflextv and another 40K views on the page.

In the now-viral video, originally taken by Instagram user @pluggy.00, you can see the two SPVM officers trying their best to keep the individual in their hold, but failing to do so and then unsuccessfully trying to catch the suspect as they quickly ran away.

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Director of the Montreal Police Service Sylvain Caron spoke out about two Montreal police officers being shot at while exiting the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) on August 24, saying "we cannot accept that one or more individuals would attack any member of the justice system, especially our employees."

"At the end of the day, the investigation confirmed 2 impacts and 1 projectile at the scene, which suggests that shots were indeed fired in the direction of our officers," the SPVM said in a press release.

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