A Viral Video Shows 2 SPVM Officers Failing To Handcuff A Suspect Who Ends Up Running Away

A video of a person managing to escape from two Montreal police officers' restraint has been making waves on Instagram over the last few days, racking up over 86K views on @mtlflextv and another 40K views on the @montreal.meme page.

In the now-viral video, originally taken by Instagram user @pluggy.00, you can see the two SPVM officers trying their best to keep the individual in their hold, but failing to do so and then unsuccessfully trying to catch the suspect as they quickly ran away.

SPVM spokesperson Jean-Pierre Brabant confirmed with MTL Blog that this incident took place on Thursday, October 7 in Villeray.

Brabant said the suspect is known to police but has not yet been arrested as investigators continue to locate the individual.

"We're still looking for him. We haven't found him. We have all his information though," he confirmed.

"We know who it is, it's just a question of time to find him."