Montreal Police Investigating 2 Cars Almost Set On Fire

An investigation is currently ongoing by Montreal police regarding gasoline being spread on the ground around two vehicles at 1 a.m. Monday on rue Valade, near rue Abbott in the Saint-Laurent borough. Luckily, the vehicles did not end up catching on fire.

"The gas on the floor burned and then it consumed by itself," there was no damage to either of the vehicles, SPVM spokesperson Raphaël Bergeron confirmed with MTL Blog.

"They probably thought that lighting the gas on the floor would burn the vehicles, but that's not what happened," Bergeron said.

Two vans were involved in the incident, one parked on the street and another in a private driveway

Once the fire department arrived on the scene, the fire on the ground was quickly put out.

No suspect or suspects had been caught at the time of writing this article.

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