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These Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Canada & The Salaries Are Absolutely Bonkers

Want to earn $358K? 🤑

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
People working in an office. Right: Canadian currency.

People working in an office. Right: Canadian currency.

Wondering what job will make you the most money in Canada? Well, Indeed has got you covered.

The employment website recently released its list of the 15 highest-paying jobs in the true north, and some of the salaries are bound to surprise you.

When it comes to the top-paying role in the country, all you need is a medical degree and five years of residency specializing in anesthesiology. Mhm, that's right — being an anaesthesiologist is the highest-paid position in Canada with a national average salary of, wait for it... $358,908.

A psychiatrist is next up with a national average salary of $298,065. In fact, a slew of medical jobs topped the list with cardiologist ($280,591), physician ($254.847), surgeon ($279,656) and orthodontist ($209,373) all making the cut. Does anyone else wish they had applied to medical school?

Pharmacists also make major bank. The job landed 13th on the list with a national average salary of $105,088. In order to become a pharmacist in Canada, you must obtain a degree in pharmacy and undergo formal training. Not too shabby for a pretty sweet salary, right?

As for positions in other fields, chief marketing officers tend to make on average $109,196 per year in Canada. Vice President landed in the eighth spot with a salary of $135,578.

So, what other top positions made the list? Here's the complete ranking:

What are the highest paying jobs in Canada?

  1. Cardiologist — $280,591 per year
  2. Anesthesiologist —$358,908 per year
  3. Psychiatrist — $298,065 per year
  4. Physician — $254,847 per year
  5. Surgeon — $279,646 per year
  6. Orthodontist — $209,373 per year
  7. Chief Marketing Officer — $109,196 per year
  8. Vice President — $135,578 per year
  9. Software Engineering Manager – $143,044 per year
  10. Director of Information Technology — $117,890 per year
  11. Software Architect — $109,021 per year
  12. Enterprise Architect — $110,083 per year
  13. Pharmacist — $105,088 per year
  14. Corporate Controller — $103,056 per year
  15. Data Scientist — $84,630 per year

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    Mike Chaar
    Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
    Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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