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WestJet Flights Are Delayed Across Canada Due To A System Outage

Check-in, payment services and flight planning have all been impacted.

WestJet plane wing. Right: People waiting at airport.

WestJet plane wing. Right: People waiting at airport.

WestJet announced early on July 14 that an outage is affecting the airline's airport check-in, flight planning and payment services in airports across Canada and abroad — a situation that is causing major flight delays.

This only adds further salt to travellers' wounds, with many hit by flight delays and cancellations by many Canadian and other airlines or stuck in airport lineups, or lineups to get passports in order to travel.

In a statement released by WestJet, the airline said it is "working to restore service and encourage guests to arrive early and check their flight status due to delays with the check-in process at the airport."

For travellers whose flights have been delayed, WestJet stated that they will re-accommodate those affected by the halt in operation.

The outage has certainly left travellers upset — with many taking to social media to express their disdain over yet another major IT outage.

"At the airport trying to get back to Canada. WestJet's system is completely down at the terminal so no one can check in or check baggage," one traveller tweeted out.

One traveller at the Dublin airport claimed that they'd been standing in line for three hours with "no movement all due to systems outage. Absolutely abysmal," they wrote.

WestJet apologized for the inconvenience, stating, "We thank all guests for their patience as we continue to work towards resolving the issue."

With the most recent Rogers outage and airports across Canada experiencing non-stop delays and onerous wait times, it's no surprise that travellers are fed up.

As of 12:15 p.m., WestJet revealed that their check-in services have, in fact, been restored nationwide. However, it remains unclear if check-in services are now operational abroad.

Despite WestJet's check-in services returning to normal operation, the airline is still experiencing issues with self-served baggage drop, mainly at the Calgary, Ottawa, Saskatoon, and Halifax airports, the carrier stated.

"Guests are encouraged to arrive early and check flight status before heading to the airport," WestJet wrote.

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